What’s wrong with social media?

As soon as Meg received the text, she knew she was busted: “I tried to message you on Facebook, but we’re not friends anymore. Is something wrong?”

No and yes. No, because Meg, a good friend of my wife, still likes her friend; she was simply cleaning out her Facebook friends she doesn’t communicate with very much.

Yes, because any time you unfriend someone, whether in social media or in real life, it can be awkward. Very awkward.
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3 reasons social media matters more than you think


It’s true, social media fatigue is starting to set in across the Internet.

Consumers say they’re tired of receiving useless information through the latest and greatest social network and wary of giving up their personal data. A recent Pew survey, for example, says as much as 38 percent of Facebook users plan to use the service less this year.

But here’s one good reason you shouldn’t delete your Facebook or Twitter account yet: Companies are paying close attention to what you say.

Closer than you can imagine.
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