The travel industry cracks down on smokers

Landra Osmus doesn’t smoke. So when she checked out of the Comfort Suites at Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Ariz., recently, […]

A surprise $250 smoking fee from my hotel — but I don’t smoke!

Seth Elsen receives a mysterious $250 charge on his credit card after staying at a La Quinta hotel. Now the property’s general manager is hiding from him, he says. Can he get a refund?

Smoked out of the Days Inn

Debbie Rosenkranz books a non-smoking room at a Days Inn hotel. But when she arrives, she’s offered a smoking room. Does the hotel owe her anything?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Hotel burns nonsmoking guest with fee

Bernardino Suva is hit by a $250 cleaning fee for smoking in his New York hotel room. Problem is, he doesn’t smoke. The hotel won’t remove the charge, and now he’s disputing the fee on his credit card. Is that his only option?

Ridiculous or not? A $20-a-night fee to “guarantee” a non-smoking room

When Teri Salmons clicked on the MGM Grand’s website to reserve a room recently, she found an “unbelievable” new fee.

Can this trip be saved? They didn’t have my smoking room, so who pays to fix it?

Like 21 percent of other Americans, Larry Vail smokes. Having a room where he can light up is important when he travels, so when he booked his accommodations at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa through Bookit.com, he made sure it was a designated smoking room.

A fee for lighting up in our room? But we don’t smoke!

Best Western charges Barbara Prestridge's brother a $250 cleaning fee after he and his family visit her to attend her wedding. The reason? Someone allegedly smoked in his room. There's just one problem: neither her brother, nor any member of his family, smokes. Can they ever get a refund?