5 warning signs you’re about to receive bad customer service

Steve Cucrov/Shutterstock
Steve Cucrov/Shutterstock
It’s been decades and my father still hasn’t forgotten: Threatened with arrest, his wife in tears, their anniversary ruined. And to top it all off, he was still hungry.

Every time I hear the story, I ask him how it came to that. My father replies, “I never saw it coming.”

For their anniversary, my parents had gone to a well-known eatery north of Boston. Always a popular place, this night it was particularly crowded.

They waited a long time to be seated. They waited a long time for menus, and for a server. They waited a particularly long time for the meals.
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Would you eat at this restaurant?

This is the sign that greets would-be patrons at a restaurant in a Midwestern tourist town.

I’m not going to reveal the name of the establishment — at least not yet.

Here’s a transcript.

No strollers [image] please.

To Our Valued Customers:

We are NOT a fast food restaurant.

Our kitchen is smaller than yours.

We are working hard to prepare and deliver your food.

It is possible, depending on what you and others in your party have ordered that your food may take up to on our to prepare.

If you are grumpy, inpatient, having a bad vacation, don’t like your family, can’t control your children, … etc.

There are dining options for fast food approximately 10 miles north of here.

Would you eat here?

And bonus points if you can guess the name of the restaurant and city in which it’s located.

Update: No one guessed the name of the restaurant (although a few came close). It is Wally’s Bar and Grill in Saugatuck, Mich. The reviews are pretty good.