Are you a whining customer? 3 ways you can tell

No one likes a whiner.

5 warning signs you’re about to receive bad customer service

It’s been decades and my father still hasn’t forgotten: Threatened with arrest, his wife in tears, their anniversary ruined. And to top it all off, he was still hungry.

Good customer service from the TSA? It’s no joke

Jim Davies agrees with me that the Transportation Security Administration desperately needs a top-to-bottom reform. Like me, he wasn't surprised when a Government Accountability Office study revealed widespread employee misconduct, including screeners involved in theft and drug smuggling activities, as well as circumventing mandatory screening procedures for passengers and baggage.

When airlines go above and beyond

Airlines and bad service. The two kinda go together, right?

5 phone tips for escalating your problem to someone who cares

The first rule of solving a customer-service problem may be to get everything in writing, but there are exceptions to every rule.

Help, my Honda radio is on the blink

The radio on Narendra Goel's Honda Accord doesn't work properly. But Honda won't fix it without charging him. Can it do that?

“I was so touched I almost cried”

LuAnn Ezeonu’s son is a United States Marine deployed in Afghanistan. A year ago, before he left the country, he […]