Job #1 at this Ford dealership? Customer service

What can be worse than needing car repairs? Perhaps relying on a high overhead dealer repair shop to get it done. But Amy Pollick took a chance.

She recently drove her way-out-of-warranty 2009 Ford Focus to her local Ford dealer in Decatur, Ala., and it paid off in a big way. The AC compressor they’d put in — over two years ago — was gone.
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US Airways rescues boy in a snowstorm

James Meickle, a 14-year-old boy on his first flight alone, found himself marooned in Albany, N.Y., on his return trip home from Lake Placid, N.Y., recently.

How he made it back to his mom, Taaron Meickle, and his family in Reston, Va., goes a long way towards countering a struggling airline industry’s reputation.
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What’s wrong with social media?

As soon as Meg received the text, she knew she was busted: “I tried to message you on Facebook, but we’re not friends anymore. Is something wrong?”

No and yes. No, because Meg, a good friend of my wife, still likes her friend; she was simply cleaning out her Facebook friends she doesn’t communicate with very much.

Yes, because any time you unfriend someone, whether in social media or in real life, it can be awkward. Very awkward.
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