Car rental absurdities I’d change if I could

Not a day seems to go by that I don’t hear from an angry car rental customer — folks like Craig Solomon, who rented a car in England from Avis for two weeks recently.

Exchange rate rip-offs, and how to avoid them

As Jay Berman and his wife were checking out of the Henley House in London last month, a clerk asked if they wanted to pay their bill in dollars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, because they'd avoid Bank of America's three percent foreign transaction fee.

Do taxi drivers prey on tourists?

It happened again to Peter Lawton last week. He got scammed by another cab driver, he says.

The smarter consumer: The three levels of a scam (and how to avoid all of ‘em)

How quickly we are to invoke the “S” word when things don’t go our way.
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Help! My room rate just tripled

The nightly room rate at the Best Eastern Sovietsky Hotel in Moscow is $279. At least that's what the Expedia sales agent promises Ilan Saadia. But the hotel begs to differ when he checks in. It jacks up his rate to $839 a night. Who's right? And who should pay the bill?