Are cruise lines doing enough to protect their passengers?

Pat Busovicki’s Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Dream almost ended in a nightmare.

What are your rights as a hotel guest?

If you're staying at a hotel, your rights are spelled out in your state's lodging laws and in the property's terms and conditions. But don't lean on those for better customer service. I explain what to do.

Why do airlines hate it when you know your rights?

Information is power.

Whaddya know about airline passenger rights? Not much

Beyond the fact that you don't have too many, what do you know about your rights as an airline passenger? If you said "not much," then you're in good company.

Can you trust the cruise lines’ new passenger “bill of rights”?

Maybe it was the string of customer-service disasters, starting with the Costa Concordia tragedy last year and leading up to the recent Carnival Triumph “poop” cruise, on which passengers were left adrift in the Gulf of Mexico for five days without working toilets.

Should I feel guilty for refusing to give up my seat to a family?

There are at least two sides to every story, and in the recent controversy involving kids and airline seating, the […]

The EU passenger rights law that won’t help you

Here's another episode in the "Our Lawyers Interpret EU 261 Differently" drama that has been playing itself out on this site since the controversial European passenger-rights law passed in 2004.