Is Europe about to ban selfies?

Do you take photos of buildings, street scenes, cityscapes, skyline panoramas, or a selfie in front of famous landmarks when you travel? Do you post your photos on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?

After the European Parliament votes on “freedom of panorama” on Thursday, July 9, travelers to Europe, along with millions of Europeans, might have to watch their backs after posting their photos. The law could be just a few footsteps behind.
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The TSA is getting it all wrong, and the numbers don’t lie

I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing that security at our airports is essential. That said, in my opinion, TSA’s strategic airport security plan is out of step with the country’s air transportation security needs.

We can readily see that TSA’s security priorities are upside down at best when we examine their budget.
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New group fights for family travelers

As an event planner with offices in New York and Los Angeles and the mother of two, Jenifour Jones knows what it’s like to travel with kids — and to not travel with them.

“My biggest challenge is flight attendants,” says Jones, who flies frequently with her sons Wesley, 2, and Grant, 1. Some crewmembers don’t know which restrooms have changing tables. Others aren’t familiar with the rules on child seats. Many “lack empathy” for a mom traveling with two young children, she says.
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