Here’s to new beginnings

I’ve published this site since 1997, which is half an eternity on the Internet. You’ve seen features come and go, […]

Your New Year’s travel resolution? Don’t be a jerk

Here's a New Year's resolution we can probably all agree on: Don't be a jerk when you're on the road.

New Year’s resolutions: 12 things the TSA shouldn’t do in 2012

I've noticed that our friends at the TSA haven't made any New Year's resolutions yet, at least not publicly, so as I thought I'd help the federal agency charged with the challenging task of protecting our transportation systems.

The smarter consumer: How to fix a customer service problem now

The best way to fight bad service is right now, in real time.
By |October 11th, 2011|OYS|0 Comments|

How to win the car rental claim game

Tim Carpenter thought he had done everything he could to avoid a frivolous damage claim on his rental minvan.

My car rental rate doubled — should I split the difference with Hotwire?

When it comes to fixing travel problems, every happy ending isn't necessarily a Hollywood ending. Consider the case of Samantha McCormick, a 23-year-old Hotwire customer whose car rental rate unexpectedly doubled.

A quicker complaint fixer: How to speed up the resolution process

Why does it take forever and a day to get an answer to a customer service complaint?
By |September 10th, 2010|OYS|0 Comments|
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