Forced to buy car rental insurance that didn’t cover her

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How can you be sure I damaged my rental car?

Months after her car rental, Diane Mikulis gets a bill for damages she doesn’t recognize. When she asks for a translation, the car rental company sends her case to a collection agency. Now what?

My rental stopped running and now they want me to pay $6,523!

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Oh no, Budget had second thoughts about my discount

Brandon Chase's car rental company says it's made a mistake on his bill, and reverses a discount long after his rental. Is it allowed to do that? And what are his rights?

Would you rent a car from this company?

You don't have to read this site every day to know that fraudulent car rental damages are a big problem, at least as far as customers are concerned. If you're a car rental agency, you might call it something different, ranging from "no problem" to "profit center."

Should I have to pay for my car rental to be towed?

Kathy O'Leary is being pursued by a collection agency, which wants it to pay for a tow on a Hertz rental. Does she have to? Or should insurance cover her rental?