For these car renters, no luck of the Irish


A lush, beautiful, green emerald island, steeped with history, culture and a few pints. Our couple, Nancy Heiman and her husband, had a great time visiting. Memories of quaint villages, small winding narrow roads, all turned a bit less memorable when they got back to the United States.

Can you guess why such a bountiful trip turned into a bollocksed nightmare?
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Rental car damaged after being cut off by a resort van

When Chuck Berg tried to maneuver his way back to the Le Méridien in Phuket, Thailand, on a recent visit, he ran into a little problem: a rock on the side of the road, which dented the side of his rental car.

Berg thinks Le Méridien should cover the $175 deductible because the accident wouldn’t have happened without an unfortunate series of circumstances to which the resort’s employees contributed.

Today’s “can this trip be saved” case will force us to draw a line between a hotel’s liability and a guest’s personal responsibility. And I should warn you, this is not an easy one.
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“I rented a car in Norfolk, but Hotwire changed the city”

Here’s a common complaint from travelers who book through so-called “opaque” sites like Priceline and Hotwire: A customer who tried to buy a particular flight, hotel or rental car, but ended up with a nonrefundable reservation in the wrong place.

That’s what happened to Michael Robinson when he tried to rent a car in Norfolk, Va., through Hotwire. His experience underscores the importance of making sure you get your itinerary right the first time in this day and age of nonchangeable reservations — especially when you’re dealing with the strict opaque sites.
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