“What should I do now?”

Damir Enaliev needs help.

I’ve tried. I contacted his car rental company in Newark after it dinged him with a $1,125 bill for damages he claims he didn’t inflict on his vehicle. Not only did the company ignore my efforts; it’s now demanding he pay up immediately, or it will send the bill to a collections agency.
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A ‘free’ upgrade for just $100? Thanks, Hertz!

As the director of sales for a biotechnology company, Pankaj Sinha travels frequently.

He landed in Phoenix on the evening of September 24 and headed to the Hertz rental car counter, where his company had reserved a compact car for him. The agent told Sinha that they were out of compact cars, but because his company booked so many of their vehicles, he was going to give Sinha an SUV to drive instead.

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