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    Hey United, where’s the refund you promised for our rental car?

Hey United, where’s the refund you promised for our rental car?

Rachel Hall and her husband needed to fly from San Francisco to Portland, Maine, for a wedding. They made it […]

Rental car damaged after being cut off by a resort van

When Chuck Berg tried to maneuver his way back to the Le Méridien in Phuket, Thailand, on a recent visit, he ran into a little problem: a rock on the side of the road, which dented the side of his rental car.

“I rented a car in Norfolk, but Hotwire changed the city”

Here's a common complaint from travelers who book through so-called "opaque" sites like Priceline and Hotwire: A customer who tried to buy a particular flight, hotel or rental car, but ended up with a nonrefundable reservation in the wrong place.

Priceline promised to bend the rules, but now it’s backtracking

Rules are rules, but what happens when a travel company promises it will bend them? That's the question Rebekah Conlon wants to answer. Her rental car, booked through Priceline, was non-refundable and non-changeable, and she knew it.

A $387 bill for a cracked windshield? You’ve gotta be kidding

Debbie Vinton saw a star on her recent vacation in Los Angeles, but it isn't the kind that you'd want an autograph from. Instead, her car rental company asked to sign a form agreeing to cover the damage for a cracked windshield "star" on her front windshield.

No one does fees like a European car rental company — no one

If you think fees are outrageous here in the United States, may I suggest a European vacation? Minisha Kochar recently […]

Ewwwww! 5 worst rental car smells

Travel can be an olfactory experience, by which I mean everything smells. Even your rental car.