A Travelocity typo triggers ethics crisis

oceanThe total price for a three-night Bahamas cruise package came to $2,058 on Travelocity. But that was before John Zimmerman applied a $1,000 rebate offered for a mid-level cabin through the online agency.

Then the rate was too good to be true – literally.

Shortly after booking the cruise, Travelocity unexpectedly reduced the $1,000 rebate offer to $100 and then eliminated it entirely. Appeals to the company were met with silence, so Zimmerman asked me to help.
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What’s your problem? Wal-Mart won’t price match my discontinued TouchPad

Question: I bought an HP Touchpad from Wal-Mart recently. Shortly afterwards, I looked online and was shocked to see they had been discontinued.

I contacted Wal-Mart and was informed I was too late for exchange or return by one day. I informed them that Best Buy and HP are honoring the rebate or refund. They told me I was out of luck.

I would like to keep my touchpad and get the rebate — the difference between the current $149 price and the $499 I paid. Can you help me, please? — Nancy Heimstra, Flagstaff, Ariz.

Answer: HP’s decision to discontinue the TouchPad only a few weeks after releasing it shocked the technology world. And you’re right, both HP and Best Buy said they would do a price match any early adopters who got the TouchPad before the announcement.

But not Wal-Mart.
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