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    A princess with bad plumbing – but is this enough of a refund?

A princess with bad plumbing – but is this enough of a refund?

It’s not as if Princess didn’t care about the conditions in Andrew White’s cabin on a recent cruise. It acknowledged […]

My mother is terminally ill — why won’t Princess refund her cruise?

Shannon Tait’s mother is terminally ill and will miss that Alaska cruise with her sister. Can she get a refund from Princess? Read the surprising answer.

“We feel we need a vacation from this vacation”

One of the most memorable trips of my life was seeing Denali National Park years ago when I edited the Alaska pages for Travel Weekly.

Why won’t Princess refund my sick cruise to nowhere?

Jim Sullivan’s family cruise vacation on the Crown Princess took a turn for the worse when the ship suffered a Norovirus outbreak in February.

Travel insurance didn’t cover her Princess cruise after husband’s death

When Christine Rehak cancels her cruise after her husband's death, she assumes her travel insurance will reimburse her vacation. But she's wrong. Is she going to be stuck with a credit voucher she'll never use?

Do I deserve a refund for a closed pool?

As a silver-level Latitude program member, Judith Pearlstein counts herself among NCL's top customers. So when her Presidents's Day weekend cruise to the Bahamas didn't go as planned, she expected the company to step up and make things right.

Princess meets canceled passengers halfway — is that enough?

Maybe Ronald and Katherine Taylor weren't meant to take a cruise. After listening to their story, you might be forgiven for thinking so.