An unexpected flight change, so why can’t I get a refund?

All Lauren Castafero wanted was a reasonable price for a roundtrip flight from Washington to Fort Lauderdale. And she thought she’d found one on Priceline — a $224 roundtrip fare on Frontier Airlines, which she booked earlier this year.

But even though it was a valid fare, it wasn’t a valid flight, at least not for her.

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He rolled the dice on a Priceline resort fee and won

All Leandro Maldera wanted was a room in Las Vegas without any surprises. So he searched Priceline’s Express Deals for a hotel in his price range that didn’t include mandatory fees.

You can probably guess what happened next: He found a room, but was broadsided by a surcharge. Ah, Vegas.

But you’ll never guess how this one ended.
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Attention hotel guests! Sometimes, those star ratings lie

For David Pollard, the “aha” moment came after he booked a hotel room in Los Angeles through Hotwire.

Hotwire and its competitor, Priceline, offer what are called “opaque” rooms, which is to say you don’t find out the name or exact location of the property until after you’ve made a non-refundable reservation. Instead, you’re given the hotel’s anonymous star rating. And the hotel he’d booked, the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport, had four stars.
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