Want to take a picture on the plane? Read this first

Next time you’re tempted to take a snapshot of an interesting cloud formation or your seatmate sprawling into your personal space on a plane, remember Arash Shirazi and Steven Leslie.

Both of them are law-abiding citizens and air travelers. And both recently ran afoul of the airline industry’s confusing photography rules.
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Take a screenshot like a pro: 5 insider tips

Minerva Studios/Shutterstock
Minerva Studios/Shutterstock
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in a he-said, she-said customer service dispute, it might be even more valuable. A well-timed screenshot could score you a refund you deserve.

Consider how almost everyone who rents a car these days takes pictures before accepting the car and when returning it. A picture is pretty good evidence that those dents weren’t there when you brought back the vehicle.

Images also come in handy when you have a dispute with an online vendor. With a picture you can claim “That’s not what I typed” and you can prove it. How do you reply when the company rep says you made a mistake? And do you remember exactly what you typed? How many items you actually ordered? For what date? What did those terms and conditions actually state?
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The Insider: Thanks for the keys to the rental car — now what?

Editor’s Note: This is part four of our new “Insider” series on car rentals. Here’s the first installment, the second one and the third one. By the way, if you see something I’ve missed in this post, please tell me in the comments .

You’re standing in front of your rental car. Now what?

If you said, “Load your luggage and drive away,” then you need to keep reading.
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