Sorry, this airline terminal’s for the dogs

John F. Kennedy International Airport’s newest terminal will have luxury amenities, including accommodations for the night, a spa, a swimming pool and a full-time medical staff.

Unfortunately, you aren’t welcome to enjoy any of it. This building is for our four-legged, feathered and slithering friends. No joke.
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Kicked off a flight because of a dogfight

This flight went to the dogs. / Photo by Jden Red - Flickr
Mention the word “pets” and “planes” and it’s enough to start a dogfight.

That’s exactly what happened to Marilyn Bruno, who was flying from Miami to Boston on American Airlines recently. Bruno is allergic to dogs — technically, it’s a class 3 allergy, which is relatively mild and doesn’t require her to travel with an epinephrine pen.
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