Kicked off a flight because of a dogfight

This flight went to the dogs. / Photo by Jden Red - Flickr
Mention the word “pets” and “planes” and it’s enough to start a dogfight.

That’s exactly what happened to Marilyn Bruno, who was flying from Miami to Boston on American Airlines recently. Bruno is allergic to dogs — technically, it’s a class 3 allergy, which is relatively mild and doesn’t require her to travel with an epinephrine pen.
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Is this enough compensation? “I paid $94 to sleep in my own ant-infested bed”

Kate Farrelly has a little ant problem in her apartment, so she decided to book a hotel room while her landlord fumigated her building. She paid $181 for two nights in a “pet friendly” room at the Vagabond Inn Glendale through a Priceline-affiliate site. Problem is, the Vagabond Inn didn’t actually have any pet-friendly rooms. They sent Farrelly packing — back to her ant-infested apartment — and they charged her for one night after she canceled her reservation. Is one night’s refund enough? Continue reading…

Unauthorized “babies” can’t board Delta flight — now what?

Here’s what happens when an airline can’t get its story straight. It ends up with a passenger like John Campagna, who nearly forced to abandon his “babies” in Honolulu.

Campagna is an Army physician who was transferring duty stations from Hawaii to San Antonio. His airline of choice is Delta. He and his wife have two chinchillas, which are small, rodent-like mammals (photo above).
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