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    What to do about knee offenders and other “me first” passengers

What to do about knee offenders and other “me first” passengers

“Safety first” may be the American travel industry’s unofficial slogan, but for some travelers, it’s more like “Me first!”

The five kinds of people you meet at an airport screening area

Next time you fly, take a minute to look around at the airport screening area. You’ll see all kinds of […]

Up in the air: Who is torturing whom?

Sandra Mennitto watched a flight attendant torture a passenger for almost two hours on a recent trip from Chicago and Harrisburg, Pa.

Oh, the irrational passengers airlines fly!

What is it about air travel that makes us lose our minds?

Oh, did I hurt your feelings?

Although I consider "reader mail" posts a journalistic cop-out -- a favorite tool of lazy columnists who can't think of anything else to write -- I'm willing to make an exception today.

Who would you rather ban from the plane: jumbo passengers — or junior?

It's come down to this: The two most annoying airline passenger types in the world are travelers who can't fit in their seat and screaming babies, at least according to you.

Airline passengers go to war over bin space

If mentioning the word “overhead bin” doesn’t raise your blood pressure, maybe you haven’t flown recently.