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    What to do about that nonrefundable refundable hotel rate in Paris

What to do about that nonrefundable refundable hotel rate in Paris

Something tells me Fatima from the front desk of the Hôtel du Triangle d’Or wants me to mind my own […]

Sacré Coeur! This isn’t the hotel I booked

When it comes to Hotwire, you know the drill: You book an unnamed hotel in a vaguely-defined neighborhood in exchange for a steep discount. But the reservation is nonrefundable.

Hotels.com left me in Paris sans hotel

When Judi McManigal arrives at her hotel in Paris, she discovers she doesn't have a reservation. Her online travel agency won't help her. Is she stuck with the bill?

A perfect Paris vacation foiled by a flagging flap — what can I do?

It was supposed to be a special trip for Alana Pitts and her father to celebrate his birthday in Paris. They'd made reservations at the Hilton Arc De Triomphe hotel in Paris back in June, using his HHonors points, and selected a special room on the executive floor with two queen-size beds.

Murphy’s unfortunate stay in an AirBNB apartment

You know Murphy's Law -- "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"? Well, Eric Schwartzman had one of those experiences when he rented an apartment from AirBNB recently.

Paris for 10 euros a night — uh, make that 100 euros

Patrick Kerr books a hotel in Paris for the unbelievable rate of 10 euros a night. Turns out it's a mistake - the rate is off by a decimal point. His online agency promises a refund, but sends him a voucher, instead. What should Kerr do?

Warning! Scammers don’t take a break after your trip is over

Neither should you. And while there are more than enough scams that await travelers when booking their trips -- covered in excruciating detail on this site -- the's also danger on the ground.
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