“Finally, if all the above fails …”

If Charles Friedman had gone anywhere else, he would have received a flat-out rejection. After all, he was asking Southwest Airlines for a full refund of his plane tickets from Hartford to Orlando because he wasn’t “up to” traveling during the holidays.
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Case dismissed: Oops, I booked eight nights instead of one

Meryl Lee Seewald thought she was booking just one night at the Holiday Inn Miami International Airport. Instead, she booked eight.

Now she’s stuck with a nonrefundable one-week reservation at the hotel. Oh, if she’d only used a professional travel agent!

But wait: Seewald is the travel agent, and the reservation is for a client who is taking a cruise.

Now what?
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Mercy! Airlines should refund tickets for cancellation, death, disease and other unfortunate circumstances

When should airlines refund a nonrefundable ticket?

More often than they do. A lot more often.

About 9 in 10 respondents to a recent survey say they should get their money back when a flight is canceled for any reason. More than 88 percent of the respondents to the multiple-choice poll also said airlines should issue a refund with a death certificate, presumably to the next of kin.

Nearly 80 percent said airlines should let passengers off the hook and refund their money when they have a communicable disease.

Only one-third of the respondents said refunds should be given when a passenger can’t make it to the airport for reasons beyond his or her control, and less than 5 percent said money should never be returned on a nonrefundable ticket.
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