Help, the names on my kids’ airline tickets are wrong — what should I do?

Heather Matinde's problem is fairly common, but when it happens to you, it can sure seem like the end of the world. She'd just paid a small fortune for airline tickets from Los Angeles to Brussels on Expedia, only to discover a serious problem with her sons' reservation.

“It sounds like criminal activity to me”

And now, a little story about names, online travel agencies, airlines and the TSA.

Can this trip be saved? I paid for the ticket — where’s my credit?

One of the things travelers love about an airline like Southwest is that it goes against the grain. When other airlines charge baggage fees, it doesn't. When they impose change fees, it doesn't. When they have assigned seats, Southwest refuses.

Ridiculous or not? Your airline ticket isn’t transferrable

Why can’t you change the name on your airline ticket?

Uh-oh! Ava’s airline ticket says “Eva” — is a notation enough?

Not again.

Uh-oh! Joseph’s ticket says “Joe” — will he be allowed to fly?

Here's a question I get often: The name on my ticket doesn't match the name on my ID. What now?