A worthwhile airline fee program? Don’t buy it

The introduction of a new airline fee program is reigniting an old debate about the true cost of air travel.

Oh no! JetBlue breaks guitars, too?

Add the word "breaks guitars" after any company, and everyone knows exactly what you're talking about.

New luggage blocks ID theft on the road

At some point between the time she disembarked from a recent cruise in Miami and returned to Carmel, Ind., someone decided to go shopping with Jody Tzucker’s credit card. “They bought cigars and other odd things in Miami,” says Tzucker, a retired manager for a nonprofit association.

If you’re in Zone 5, here’s why you should pack light

Next time you find yourself with a boarding pass that says Zone 5 or Group “C,” or whatever designation your […]

Should I have been charged extra for my checked luggage?

Deborah Bouchette researches the luggage rules for an upcoming flight, but is surprised by a 200 Euro fee to check her bag, anyway. Her airline says she should get a refund -- so why isn't she?

Their luggage went missing, but does anyone know why?

By all accounts, Maddy and Phil Handler liked their October cruise on the Riviera, one of the new mid-size ships in Oceania's fleet. There was just the matter of the Handler's luggage -- and reams of correspondence between the couple and a vice president at the cruise line, bickering about what happened to it.

How passengers exact revenge on fee-happy airlines

Aaron Fox is not the vindictive type. He’s a surfer, which if you look it up in the dictionary, is synonymous with “laid back.”