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    Is this yet another “benefit” of the American Airlines – US Airways merger?

Is this yet another “benefit” of the American Airlines – US Airways merger?

Here we go again.

3 sweet lies you should thank a company for

As far as rejection letters go, the one I almost never use is unfailingly polite.

Is your complaint being “form lettered”? Here are three ways to tell

It was just a matter of time before corporations created the perfect form letter, capable of fooling a veteran consumer advocate. Or you.

Is anyone really listening to your TSA complaints?

With only a few weeks left to leave your comments about the TSA's controversial passenger screening methods, here's a question worth asking: Is anyone listening?

Ridiculous or not? Form letters that fail

I've waged a long and lonely campaign against mindless form letters sent to customers by uncaring corporations.

The smarter consumer: How to turn a “no” into a “yes”

"You killed the bird,” the pet-store owner barked, pointing an accusatory finger at me.
By |September 7th, 2011|OYS|3 Comments|

You said it: Virgin America is “thinking outside the box”

I've written about Virgin America several times in the recent past, and have even had a chance to fly with it.
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