Hey American Airlines, this food isn’t kosher!

When Allen Feiglin booked first class seats for his wife and himself on a flight with American Airlines, he expected a full-service experience.

He didn’t get one. Feiglin flew from Baltimore to Los Angeles, and when he tried to arrange for special kosher meals, the airline said they weren’t being offered.

So much for first class.
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Served expired food on my honeymoon cruise – am I owed anything?

2013-12-11 14.39.11Cruise lines aren’t exactly known for their culinary experiences, but Moshe Wealcatch’s story takes the cake, as they say.

Sure, every now and then you have an outstanding meal on a cruise. I’m thinking of Remy on the Disney Dream which was easily the best meal I had all year. But generally speaking, cruise passengers are fed from buffet lines featuring fried food — and lots of it.

One thing you can count on, though, is that the fare is reasonably fresh. But Wealcatch, who honeymooned on the Norwegian Sky with his wife, Shira, says he discovered you can’t even count on that. In keeping with their religious beliefs, the couple made arrangements months before their departure to have kosher meals.

The food wasn’t what they expected.
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