My WiFi left me on vacation

It has been one of the most unquestioned pieces of travel advice since the first WiFi hotspot flickered to life […]

How to get connected at the airport

From “free” airport wi-fi to tethering, here’s a quick guide on how to find an Internet connection at the

These Surfbouncers really know how to sweet-talk a girl

One of the first questions I ask when someone needs help is: Could I see the correspondence between you and the company? When Steven Price showed me his back-and-forth between with a company called Surfbouncer, I was speechless.

What’s your problem? Shocked by an $800 phone bill

When Dawn Lyon returns from Canada, there's a nasty surprise in the mail -- an $800 bill for roaming charges from Sprint. But wait! Didn't she make arrangements before leaving?
By |September 13th, 2011|OYS|6 Comments|

Ridiculous or not? Wireless hotel charges that make you want to stay home

As I reviewed my hotel bill at Harveys Lake Tahoe recently, I noticed something unusual: Instead of charging me $11 a day for wireless Internet, they were asking for three times as much.

That’s ridiculous! Hotels are charging even more for what should be free

What could be more absurd than paying a surcharge for a wireless Internet connection at your hotel?

Travelers need fast, free Internet connections — why can’t they get it?

I’m writing this from the Vista Café on Deck 4 of the Disney Dream. But it’ll probably take half an eternity to post it, because the “high speed” wireless connection on the ship is significantly slower than what I’m used to on dry land.