A holiday surprise from the travel industry

Sometimes when you travel, it’s the little gestures of compassion that make the biggest difference — especially during the holidays.

Re-regulate the airlines? “Trust me, before was better”

A movement to re-regulate the airline industry is slowly gaining momentum in Washington. A few days ago, my colleague Charlie Leocha send me an audio transcript of an interview with Rep. James Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, in which he raised the subject.

“At times it feels as though the airline industry has been pushed over a cliff”

Robert Herbst runs the Web site AirlineFinancials.com, which has provided some of the more memorable and controversial airline analysis for this site and many other media outlets. Herbst is a pilot for a major airline -- I agreed not to mention it in this interview, but his employer has been disclosed elsewhere -- and has been crunching airline numbers for many years. He flies Boeing 767 and 757 aircraft in the United States, where you're likely to find him on southern routes during the winter months.

Car rental FAIL? Industry misses a “D” by one point — again

Pretend, for a minute, that car rental companies are high school students. The average class grade on a recet test is 73 percent, which is a C- and, truth be told, just a point away from a D.