Ridiculous or not? Mandatory housekeeping fees are just around the corner

To get an idea of what the hotel bill of the future might look like, take a look at your present bill at the Atlantis in the Bahamas.

An unmade bed — and no place to go

When Erin Hott checks into her hotel, she's shown to a room with an unmade bed. When she asks for clean sheets, an employee tells her they can't change her linen until the next day. And if she doesn't like it, she can find another hotel, but she'll still have to pay for her room. Whatever happened to customer service?

Maid on a mission: 6 secrets for avoiding housekeeping hell

If you've had a run-in with an aggressive hotel maid recently, you're not alone. As managers try to squeeze more work from their employees, cleaning staff is becoming more fixated on servicing your room as fast as possible. Here's how to avoid housekeeping hell.