If they resell my room, why can’t I get a refund?

Just before Gerald and Byrone LoCasale set sail on an 18-day Princess cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Los Angeles, disaster struck. Byrone LoCasale sustained an injury that required immediate orthopedic surgery. The couple, both frequent Princess customers, reluctantly canceled the trip.

But there was good news. LoCasale, who is retired and lives in Fort Lauderdale, learned that Princess had resold his cabin. Getting credit for the $16,201 they’d spent would be easy, right? Continue reading…

How to Airbnb

I’ve recently noticed that despite its growing popularity, a surprising number of people still either haven’t heard of Airbnb, aren’t totally sure what it is, are afraid of it, or have never used it.
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Are hotels joining airline race to the bottom?

It’s been a long day. You drag your luggage down the hall to your hotel room door ready to sprawl out in luxurious abandon. Only, at a cramped 75 square feet, there will be no sprawling in this room.

That’s right, the race to the bottom has begun for hotels.
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