Help, my hotel just turned into a Comfort Inn – now what?

When a hotel changes its name, what happens to your reservation? That’s not a theoretical question for Tami Pope, who […]

They renamed the hotel and canceled my reservation

Liz Egland thinks she has a reservation at Holiday Inn. But she’s wrong. The hotel has canceled her reservation and wants her to pay more than double to get it back. Is it allowed to do that?

The strange case of the dog bite and the $2,305 hotel bill

Amy Rossi brings one of the strangest cases the Travel Troubleshooter has ever mediated. It involves a dog bite, an erroneous booking and a $2,305 hotel bill.

The lights went out, but Holiday Inn kept my money

Jeri Kellerman's visit to Washington does not go as planned. There's a power outage at her hotel, and she spends the night in darkness and freezing cold. Now she's only being offered 50 percent off her room. Is she owed more?

Case dismissed: Oops, I booked eight nights instead of one

Meryl Lee Seewald thought she was booking just one night at the Holiday Inn Miami International Airport. Instead, she booked eight.

Two rooms with one bed — and no refund

When Nula Fales' granddaughters are charged for an extra room, she appeals to her online travel agent for help. But it won't return her money, even though she didn't mean to reserve two rooms. Is she out of luck?

Is this enough compensation? A discount on an icy hotel room

When the power went out in Jeri Kellerman's hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express in Poulsbo, Wash., she and her husband spent the night in pitch black and freezing cold.