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I’ve seen the future of air travel — at least the kind of future the airline industry wants — and […]

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Deloitte’s Simonetto: “It’s easy to view this as the big, bad airline taking advantage of travelers”

Mike Simonetto is the principal and global leader of Deloitte Consulting’s pricing and profitability practice. With airlines and other travel companies testing our willingness to pay fees, I wanted to ask a pricing expert like him why travel companies were doing this and where it's all headed.

Business travel is flatlining — and here’s why you should be worried

Bad news: Business travel is flatlining, and will continue to flatline for the next four years, according to a new projection from Egencia and the National Business Travel Association. More bad news: It's going to affect your next vacation.

Should I book a vacation now — or wait?

In a word: wait. But not too long. I've been getting this question a lot, and I usually refrain from making predictions. No one really knows how prices will fare. But look at this.