You expect me to pay for what?

No one likes surprise charges, but this one takes the cake.

No wait, these folks didn’t get the cake, which is why they’re being charged.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Jessica Baker after she and her husband received a $75.90 bill for dinner from a bride and groom whose wedding reception they could not attend.
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Uh-oh! Hotel resort fees are on the rise

Don’t look now, but those reviled mandatory resort fees are on the rise — and in places you might not expect.

Orlando is the surprise No. 1 destination for the surcharges, which can cover everything from the hotel gym to a Wi-Fi connection, according to ResortFeeChecker.com, a site that specializes in resort fee data.
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How refundable are airline fees? Not so much

The North American airline industry collected an estimated $8.2 billion last year from fees for items such as checked baggage, premium seat assignments and early boarding privileges — a $700 million increase from 2013. But are they keeping more of your money than they should?
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