Junk fees and other obstacles of the road

At the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 101 in Willits, Calif., you'll find three service stations. But look closely before you pump gas, otherwise you could pay a lot more than you expect.

Hey, how about a refund for that airline fee?

Here's a question that's been on my mind — and maybe yours, too — since the revelation that airlines collected a record $27 billion in fees last year, a staggering 19.6 percent increase from 2011: Do they ever offer to refund those extra charges?

A worthwhile airline fee program? Don’t buy it

The introduction of a new airline fee program is reigniting an old debate about the true cost of air travel.

I had an aneurysm, but British Airways is keeping my money

After Gavin King suffers an aneurysm and misses his flight to England, British Airways decides to keep his money. Requests for a refund or credit go unanswered. Looks like a case for the Travel Troubleshooter.

Is this the worst week for air travelers since 9/11?

From bankruptcies to terrorist attacks, air travelers have seen it all in the last decade or so. But I can't think of a week that's been jam-packed with so much bad news for airline passengers since 2001. Maybe you can, but stick with me for a moment while I review the list.

Two letters on my ticket cost $300 — are you serious?

Agnes Lednum's husband’s ticket is missing two little letters -- "Jr" -- and in order to fix it, her online travel agency wants $300. Is that her only option?

Why did T-Mobile charge me an early termination fee?

T-Mobile wants to charge Chad Jones a $200 early termination fee. But wait — isn't he on a month-to-month plan? He sure is. Or at least, he thinks he is.