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    No “low” fare guarantee at United Airlines – plus, they’re rude!

No “low” fare guarantee at United Airlines – plus, they’re rude!

Sometimes, you can eyeball a case and know almost immediately: This guy doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

Should Costa reverse course on this fare error?

Oh no, not again.

Can an airline break its own rules?

It’s true that airlines come up with some of the most absurd rules in the travel business. If you have […]

Why won’t United Airlines honor its fare guarantee?

Chuck Barnes tries to invoke United Airlines' low fare guarantee. But it doesn't quite work the way he hoped it would. Is he out of luck?

Seriously, how careful do consumers have to be?

Bryan Perilman shoulda known better.

“Unbundling” is a brazen lie and it’s time for the travel industry to come clean

It's been five short years since the airline industry, led by an ailing American Airlines, quietly stripped the ability to check your first bag at no extra cost from the price of an airline ticket — an act given the antiseptic name "unbundling."

Why don’t we end the silly rules that make flying a misery?

When it comes to air travel, there's a growing rift between informed and uninformed passengers.