“I have never seen such chaos on an airplane”

Another day, another tarmac delay.

EU commissioner on airline Web sites: “There is more work to be done”

First, the bad news: European airlines still routinely deceive customers when it comes to air fares, according to a new report by the EU. But there's also good news -- it's not happening as often, thanks to tighter government regulation.

Merry Christmas: Europe gives air travelers an “extraordinary” present

It's an early Christmas present for air travelers: The European Union's top court has ruled that passengers must be compensated if an airline cancels a flight for technical reasons, unless "extraordinary" events are to blame. And it said an airline must prove the circumstances are "extraordinary." Airlines have been dreading this day for years.

EU commissioner: We have all been “misled” by airlines

The European Union's new regulation on airline ticket transparency, which requires airlines to quote a fare including all taxes, fees and surcharges, went into effect Nov. 1. How will the new rules affect air travelers here and in Europe? I asked Meglena Kuneva, the EU commissioner for consumer affairs.

Help, my leg is missing

When Karen Kernohan discovers part of her flight from Calgary to Rome is missing, British Airways claims "extraordinary circumstances" are to blame and refuses to compensate her. Is she really out of luck?

EU cracks down on ‘serious and persistent’ problems at travel sites while US authorities snooze

The European Union is aggressively pursuing online travel agencies that sell airline tickets under false pretenses. A new report by EU authorities reveals that 1 in 3 Web sites have been written up for "misleading advertising and unfair practices" since last fall. You don't need me to tell you we have the same problem over here. But where's our government?