Is travel “hacking” smart – or unethical?

Strictly speaking, “hacking” is the act of illegally breaking into a computer system. But lately, the word has been used […]

A Travelocity typo triggers ethics crisis

The total price for a three-night Bahamas cruise package came to $2,058 on Travelocity. But that was before John Zimmerman applied a $1,000 rebate offered for a mid-level cabin through the online agency.

Is “opt-out” always wrong? The Wall Street Journal doesn’t think so

Is pre-checking the box on an online transaction always unethical? I thought the answer to that question was obvious after the federal government weighed in on the issue, declaring it an "unfair and deceptive" practice, and the state of Minnesota fined two insurance companies for opt-out violations.

Too good to be true? 4 times you should just say ‘no’ to a deal

If you found a bargain airfare, you’d book it, right?

And the award for most irresponsible airline goes to …

United Airlines, according to Green America a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

“Unethical” travel agent claims commission after client finds a bargain online

Jerry Ginnis' says his first mistake was asking a travel agent for a quote on a Bermuda vacation. He'd already found a terrific price online -- a week at a luxury resort for $2,800, about 40 percent off the normal rate -- but a friend suggested that he call.