Are gift cards ethical?

Seventy-two dollars and sixty-four cents.

That’s how much was on the AMC Theatres gift card my wife found in a grocery store parking lot.

First thought: we scored – let’s go to the movies!

Second thought: I’d sure hate to lose a gift card with $72.46 on it.

What to do?
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A Travelocity typo triggers ethics crisis

oceanThe total price for a three-night Bahamas cruise package came to $2,058 on Travelocity. But that was before John Zimmerman applied a $1,000 rebate offered for a mid-level cabin through the online agency.

Then the rate was too good to be true – literally.

Shortly after booking the cruise, Travelocity unexpectedly reduced the $1,000 rebate offer to $100 and then eliminated it entirely. Appeals to the company were met with silence, so Zimmerman asked me to help.
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And the award for most irresponsible airline goes to …

United Airlines, according to Green America a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to creating a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

The Chicago-based airline came in eighth place, earning a “C-” for its human rights record, “Ds” for its labor and ethics and governance practices and an “F” for its environmental policies.

Southwest Airlines took the top spot, although its grades are nothing to write home about, either: straight “Cs” with the exception of a “B+” for its environmental practices.

So what did the airlines do to deserve this?
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“Unethical” travel agent claims commission after client finds a bargain online

bermudaJerry Ginnis says his first mistake was asking a travel agent for a quote on a Bermuda vacation. He’d already found a terrific price online — a week at a luxury resort for $2,800, about 40 percent off the normal rate — but a friend suggested he call, anyway.

The agent quoted him a slightly lower rate and offered to hold the reservation for 24 hours. He agreed.

Ginnis went back online and found the price had dropped to to just $1,100 for the week. Unbelievably, the hotel also threw in a concierge-room floor. Ginnis booked the package on the spot.

And here’s where it gets interesting.
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