Oh no, Budget had second thoughts about my discount

Brandon Chase's car rental company says it's made a mistake on his bill, and reverses a discount long after his rental. Is it allowed to do that? And what are his rights?

Attack of the airfare thieves

Who could have predicted the furious reaction to the recent story about a woman who booked a cheap airline ticket […]

Help, my CenturyLink bill is $#!*#d up — can you fix this thing?

Donna Ricci is being overcharged by CenturyLink for her Internet and cable bill. After insisting she doesn't qualify for the rate she claims she was quoted, the company has gone into radio silence. Is there any hope for her?
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Southwest’s Laraba says booking glitch “neither the experience nor the impression we hope to leave with our customers”

At this hour, the likely culprit in this weekend's Southwest Airlines fare-sale drama is a faulty database, which triggered an excess of 10,000 double-bookings. You've read the horror stories. I asked Teresa Laraba, the airline's senior vice president for customers, to explain what went wrong and what customers should do if they're affected.

My bank sent me the wrong tax form — and now it’s ignoring me

Dante Lee needs an important tax form from his bank. Without it, he could could face a significantly higher bill from the IRS. But his financial institution won't help him. What should he do?

A progressive nightmare: Stuck in a sauna for seven hours

I wasn’t in the house when they cut the electricity, but I’m told it was swift and merciless.

So you have a screen shot of your Expedia booking — so what?

One of the cardinal rules of getting better customer service is keeping meticulous records. When you’re booking online, a screen shot of the purchase is your trump card.