3 troubling ways the TSA punishes passengers who opt out

If you don’t want to walk through a poorly tested full-body scanner or have a TSA agent belittle your anatomy […]

Should travel companies be allowed to practice age discrimination?

Gordon White is 79. Kevin Chang is 24. Both recently tried to rent cars but ran into trouble because of their age.

US Airways and United Airlines practice “discriminatory” pricing, study finds

US Airways and United Airlines practiced discriminatory pricing against disabled passengers, in apparent violation of federal law, a new study conducted by Towson University finds.

When travelers experience discrimination

As self-described "adventurous grandparents," Trevor and Jean Broome had been looking forward to their upcoming trip to Costa Rica, which included diving, hiking, snorkeling and whitewater rafting.

Are online travel agencies quoting higher rates because of your Web cookies?

Are online travel agencies quoting higher prices because of your personal information? It's been difficult to prove that Web "cookies" were being used in that way. Until now, maybe.

Banned for life for being too pretty

Is there such a thing as too gorgeous to fly? That's the strange but true claim of two 18-year-olds from Oldsmar, Fla., who were escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight in Los Angeles recently. I'm not making this up. You can read the full story here and watch it here.