You’re a bad customer and you don’t even know it

Deadbeats. Gate lice. Entitleds.

Good customer service from the TSA? It’s no joke

Jim Davies agrees with me that the Transportation Security Administration desperately needs a top-to-bottom reform. Like me, he wasn't surprised when a Government Accountability Office study revealed widespread employee misconduct, including screeners involved in theft and drug smuggling activities, as well as circumventing mandatory screening procedures for passengers and baggage.

3 reasons you should love a customer service meltdown

Spectacular customer service failures are the grist of my consumer advocacy mill. But some of the loudest implosions are off […]

“There were angels all around me on that JetBlue flight”

Early boarding privileges are typically reserved for frequent fliers and passengers with obvious disabilities. But on a recent JetBlue Airways […]

Car rental absurdities I’d change if I could

Not a day seems to go by that I don’t hear from an angry car rental customer — folks like Craig Solomon, who rented a car in England from Avis for two weeks recently.

The smarter consumer: 7 qualities of a winning customer

I spend a lot of time harping on customers who screw up. Sometimes I can’t help myself. Not only are the cases interesting, but they’re also instructive.
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The smarter consumer: 5 incredibly stupid things customers do offline

Customers do the dumbest things.
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