Do I deserve a refund for this LivingSocial deal?

Teri Rustmann’s Living Social voucher for a Caribbean vacation isn’t worth the money it’s printed on -- or so he thinks. Why won’t the company refund it?

Charged an extra $400 for a vacation I can’t take

Ruth Hartmann has to cancel her yoga retreat to Costa Rica after she lands in the hospital. Why is her resort asking her to pay an extra $400 for a vacation she can't take?

When airlines misread passport rules, who pays?

When Olga Parra's dog chews part of her husband's passport, they're denied entry to Costa Rica. Is their airline to blame for letting them board the flight?

Is this enough compensation? A voucher for a “completely forgettable” honeymoon

We've had plenty of "honeymoon from hell" stories on this site, and they never get old. So let's hear from Ben Barnhart, who just returned from his post-nuptial vacation at the Riu Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

Help, my honeymoon in Costa Rica went south

Loyd Jobe's honeymoon doesn't get off to a good start when his flight is canceled. His airline sends the newlyweds on their vacation the next day, but they must pay for an extra night in their hotel. Is that fair?

Yellow fever, red light: paperwork problem sinks Costa Rica vacation

Whose responsibility is your travel-related paperwork, like visas and vaccinations? If you said "mine" -- you're right.
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