An early termination fee — and now, a collection agency

Verizon has sent a collection agency after Christopher Clauson after he cancels his phone service. Is there any way to get them off his back?

Is this enough compensation? Orbitz calls off its collection agency, but …

Ah, the perils of being your own travel agent.

Airline declines credit card, then hires collection agency to extract $510 “cancellation” fee

Kalevi Ruuska contacted me with an urgent problem recently. One of his friends was being asked to pay an odd cancellation fee by Air Berlin, and would not take "no" for an answer. The airline had hired a collection agency to pursue its claim.

“It’s a laughing joke that Expedia says they offer great customer service”

Last December, Caesar Ho booked a night at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel through Expedia. But when he couldn't reach the hotel because of inclement weather -- snow on the 5 Freeway and dangerous winds on the 101 -- he phoned the hotel to see if he could cancel his room.

Collection agency demands $1,700 for lost airline ticket — should I pay?

Travel companies routinely use collection agencies as tools to enrich themselves at their customers' expense. That's what seemed to be happening to Gabrielle Durana when her online travel agency tried to strong-arm her into paying $1,700 for an airline ticket it lost. But looks can be deceiving.

5 secrets travelers must know when dealing with a collection agency

Travel companies are sending collection agencies after their customers with greater frequency. Here are five things you need to know.

“Delta has contacted a collection agency to force me to repay”

Can an airline send a debt collector after you to pay for a missed flight? Strangely, the answer is: yes.