Wrong time, wrong place? Costly rental car mistakes

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Why you should never walk away from a hit-and-run in your rental

In an ideal world, every customer-service problem would solve itself. Thanks to Punit Joshi, we're one story closer to that world, in a small way.

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Don’t get broadsided by the car rental industry’s double standards

Ric Vesely knows about the car rental industry's double standards. When he returned his Dollar Rent a Car vehicle in Minneapolis recently, an employee asked him a strange question: Did he have a receipt for his gasoline purchase?

Could the Canadian car rental scandal spread?

Something about the $667 repair bill that Enterprise Rent-a-Car recently sent Jerry Bitting looked suspicious to him.

The car rental industry’s day of reckoning may be close

The car rental industry is in trouble. And this time, it can't be fixed by quietly settling out of court with their customers or lobbying a few state lawmakers.