The dinging didn’t stop until we landed in Venice

The first-class seats on US Airways flight 714 from Philadelphia to Venice on Sept. 18 looked like ordinary first class seats. They felt like ordinary first class seats. But they were anything but ordinary.

Chase tries to call my mother every day, but she’s been dead two years

Kimberly O'Connell’s mother died two years ago, and not a day goes by that she doesn't think of her. That’s because Chase calls her phone with an automatic account notification for her deceased mother. At 4 a.m. Can’t they make the daily calls stop?

What’s your favorite way to communicate when you’re away? Here’s ours

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been on the road a lot lately. I’m traveling across the country […]

Should a company charge me extra to speak with an American call center?

Margery Wilson loves her Dell laptop computer. But she has just one complaint.

Are you stuck in call center script hell? Here’s how to tell

It happened again last week. My superfast 10Mbps Internet connection died. It had flickered on and off for weeks, ever since upgrading from a 5Mbps account.
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Two spam calls in two minutes? That’s gotta be a new record

Spam calls are out of control. I just received two unsolicited calls within two minutes. Two minutes!
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Should you have the right to a copy of your phone call with a company?

There's a reason I advise customers to stay off the phone when they have a problem with a company: If someone says something to you on the line, how do you prove it?
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