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    Hey Kohls, why can’t I have those body bags at the sale price?

Hey Kohls, why can’t I have those body bags at the sale price?

Dolores Gillespie thinks she’s going to pay $12 for a handbag. But Kohl’s has other plans for her purchase.

How do you pack smarter for your next trip?

Got questions about how to pack for your next trip? Here are few answers for you.

Should I check my bag or carry it on the plane?

The ability to check a bag used to be included in your airline ticket. Not anymore. Here’s my advice.

Are fees for carry-on luggage just the beginning?

Since Allegiant Air's decision to start charging passengers for carry-on luggage last week, you'd think that everything needed to be said about this outrageous new fee had already been said.

Princess loses passenger’s bag, charges her to return it

Should you have to pay the freight for a bag your cruise line loses? That's the question Winnie Salyer asked me after her Princess Cruise.

5 outrageous luggage fee myths the airlines want you to believe

Has the airline industry won the luggage fee war? Consider the following facts.
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