Are loyalty programs worth belonging to?

It's time to question one of the most basic tenets of travel: Everyone should participate in an airline loyalty program.

United Airlines holds plane so passenger can say goodbye to his dying mother

Kerry Drake’s mother was dying. She’d suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for decades and the drugs used to treat her condition […]

Wenger snags first Elliott Award for Excellent Customer Service

Today I’m introducing the Elliott Award for Excellent Customer Service, a weekly shout-out to companies that go above and beyond […]

Introducing Elliott’s List: the ultimate buying guide for 2013

Since this site published its first article back in 1996, one of the most common questions I've gotten from readers is: How do I know if a product is any good?

Double trouble with my hotel points

Nicholas Czapor books four Hilton hotel stays through a double points promotion. But the points never show up in his account, and now Hilton is offering him only a fraction of the promised award. Can it do that? And what recourse, if any, does Czapor have?

And the award for America’s worst hotel goes to …

It's too close to call. A review of several "worst of" lists suggests there's a high concentration of awful hotels in the New York area, with one or two standouts outside of Gotham. The bad properties are also likely to be owned by one chain.

Don’t let a self-serving survey ruin your trip: 8 tips

Southwest Airlines is the top air carrier in the United States. No, wait, it’s American Airlines. Hang on — make that Virgin America. The best hotel? The Peninsula Chicago. No, no. It’s The Waldorf Astoria in New York.
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