Why the #%@** doesn’t my power outlet work?

The auxiliary power outlet in Robert Mitchell’s rental car doesn’t work. Was it intentionally disabled, and if so, why wasn’t […]

Oh no, I’m stuck with two car rental bills

Pat Shopher’s car rental experience in Germany ends in confusion when her reservation is canceled and then reinstated at a higher rate. Now she has two bills for the same rental. What should she do?

No one does fees like a European car rental company — no one

If you think fees are outrageous here in the United States, may I suggest a European vacation? Minisha Kochar recently […]

Double trouble on my honeymoon

Jason Arakelian prepays for his Paris car rental through AutoEurope. So why did his car rental company suck another $368 from his account after he got home from his honeymoon? Does he really have to pay for his car twice? And why isn't his credit card company siding with him in this dispute?
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