A first-class ruse on American Airlines?

Bonnie Meyers booked what seemed like a great deal on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Punta Cana during the Christmas break, and in first class, no less.

The operative words being “what seemed like.”

When she got to the gate, guess what? No first class seats.
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Hey American Airlines, this food isn’t kosher!

When Allen Feiglin booked first class seats for his wife and himself on a flight with American Airlines, he expected a full-service experience.

He didn’t get one. Feiglin flew from Baltimore to Los Angeles, and when he tried to arrange for special kosher meals, the airline said they weren’t being offered.

So much for first class.
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Disabled combat veteran and pregnant wife left to fend for themselves after “weather” delay

How “transparent” are airlines? That’s not an abstract question for David Robins, who recently found himself on an American Airlines flight with his five-months-pregnant wife.

They endured a 17-hour delay.

American offered him reasons for the hold-up, but he’s skeptical. And he’s angry. He wonders if gate agents tell you the real story when it comes to delays. He also doesn’t understand why they didn’t help him.
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Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and watch this merger drama unfold

What can you do when a high-profile airline merger foils your travel plans and forces you to buy a last-minute airline ticket?

If you said, “Write the Great American Novel,” or “Laugh it off,” then meet Salim Bhabhrawala, today’s contestant who finds himself in the trenches of consumer advocacy.

Standard disclaimers: live case, missing details, but high entertainment value. And, let’s face it, isn’t that why you tune in every day?
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