A real frequent flier fiasco

Trying to book a flight using frequent flier miles ins’t as easy as it used to be. It’s difficult to find anything, and if you do, the flight available is usually not the most convenient.

But what happened when I was able to use frequent flier miles for a flight last weekend?

Nothing good. And that’s putting it mildly. Continue reading…

A pet peeve with American Airlines

Morgan Borders and her husband are both on active duty in the Air Force. Their specific jobs and schedules rarely afford them the opportunity for personal travel.

But when Borders needed to travel from Richmond, Va., to San Francisco to visit a dying relative, she purchased a ticket on American Airlines. She planned to take her pets along.

American had other ideas about that. Continue reading…

The American way of following European consumer protection laws

If I’ve seen Lee Wendkos’s case once, I’ve seen it a hundred times. Delayed on his way to Europe, he tried to invoke EU 261, the legendary and often misinterpreted European consumer protection law. And he failed.

Yes, this feature is called Case Dismissed, but there’s a lot to be learned from our consumer missteps. With the busy summer travel season just around the corner, here’s one lesson you need to take with you: Airlines hate EU 261. Get every promise in writing or you’ll end up with nothing.
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