Do I deserve a refund after my destination turned dangerous?

Diane Austin's problem isn't that unusual, which is why I've decided to write something about it. In April, she booked a $730 roundtrip ticket in April through Orbitz on American Airlines to fly to Puerto Vallarta.

The Elliott show: Gremlins in my reservation and more on airline “merger madness”

In today's episode of the Christopher Elliott Show I talk with Charlie Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance about how to deal with reservations that get lost. We also discuss the odds that the Justice Department will approve the American Airlines - US Airways merger.

Should this airline merger be allowed to fly?

The proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways may not be a done deal, even if almost everyone is behaving as if it were.

Please join me for Travel Tuesday Live with special guest Charlie Leocha

Please join me Tuesday morning for a live chat with Charlie Leocha, director of the Consumer Travel Alliance, to discuss the upcoming merger between American Airlines and US Airways and whether the government should block it.

“Let’s go out on the tarmac and deal with this, just you and I, right here, right now”

Depending on your point of view, Sean Hillen’s case is either an example of an airline crewmember on a power […]

Should the U.S. government approve the American Airlines – US Airways merger?

What if you could make the call on the proposed merger between American and US Airways?

No hope for an airline ticket refund – or is there?

When Kathy Stickney’s niece must return home early to be with her ailing father, she must forfeit an American Airlines ticket. But is that fair?