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    Maybe the travel industry’s one-sided cancellation policies are due for cancellation

Maybe the travel industry’s one-sided cancellation policies are due for cancellation

Change your mind when you’re traveling, and the consequences can be costly.

Alaska Airlines bumped a real American hero – should I get involved?

It's not every day that you hear from a real American hero like Chuck Yeager. Yes, the Chuck Yeager. It turns out he and his wife, Victoria, catch my syndicated column in The Sacramento Bee.

Help! Airline broke my wheelchair and ruined Hawaii vacation

It was supposed to be a vacation of a lifetime for Jane Gray -- a trip from Southwest England, where she lives, to Maui.

A failed case from the Twilight Zone of travel

If there's a Twilight Zone of travel cases, then Rochelle Dean has surely discovered it. And although I've done my best to help her, it looks like her recent vacation is still stuck someone between "solved" and "unsolved."

Is this too much compensation? “This was some of worst service I’ve received in years”

Nathan Segal was certain his Alaska Airlines flight from San Jose del Cabo to Victoria, B.C., Canada, didn't make a stop. He'd double-checked the itinerary when he booked it. The email said it was a "direct" flight.

Stopped payment on my compensation check

Alaska Airlines pays Ashley Cates $239 when she's bumped from her flight. Then it stops payment on the check. Why? And is there anything she can do to get the money back?

Best checked luggage policy? Hands down, it’s Southwest Airlines

Airline luggage has been making headlines recently, whether it's US Airways' controversial decision to add a $5 convenience fee to some checked bags or Alaska Air's luggage fee/guarantee. But which airline has the most customer-friendly policy when it comes to checked luggage?