Why did these Bruno Maglis last only three hours?

By | December 1st, 2016

Why have Lawrence Hughes’ shoes fallen apart after just three hours of wear? And why won’t Bruno Magli fix them?

Question: Some time ago, when I believe they may have been on sale, I purchased a pair of Bruno Magli shoes to be worn on future occasions. Last week, for a business trip in which I wanted to make a good impression, I brought the new shoes with me, never before worn.

The style was fine, and the shoes looked good. However, within three hours of first wearing the shoes, the rear portion of the sole came detached from the shoe upper. The hotel conference center concierge called the maintenance person to see if a temporary fix could be had, but to no avail.

Within another hour, the entire sole had fallen off the shoe. I had a particular conference session that I had to attend, but throughout I had the embarrassment to shuffle along, instead of walking properly, so as not to lose the sole of the shoe.

After this session, I had intended to network with other attendees, but I could not do so because of the detached sole and needing to shuffle along on carpeted surfaces. Although I had intended to return from the conference hotel to the hotel in which I was staying by using the local public transportation system, I could not do so because the distance of the detached sole, and instead had to incur an unanticipated taxi fare to return.

The following day, I was compelled to wear my casual shoes — which really did not match the suit I wore to the conference — and I was unable to present the appearance I had wanted. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the shoes I had purchased, and did not get all the anticipated benefits from attending the conference, solely on account of the Bruno Magli shoes I had purchased, and had depended upon.

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I realize that shoe quality, in general, may not be as good as it once was in years past, and I would not complain about a shoe that had reached the end of its useful life. However, I would think that most shoe manufacturers, and their customers, would expect their shoes to last longer than three hours of normal wear.

I would like to think that this would be even more true with Bruno Magli in particular. I would like to invite the company to replace the pair of shoes that I had purchased and which had lasted for just three hours. So far, they’ve only offered me a 25 percent coupon. Can you help me? — Lawrence Hughes, Flushing, N.Y.

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