What are the biggest hotel “gotchas”?

What are the biggest hotel “gotchas”?

Here are three ways you could get broadsided with unexpected fees on your next hotel visit. Know them before you go.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Charlie

    Ironic: USA Today is frequently tacked a hotel bill on for $1/day.

  • Nikki

    Hi Chris! – Is there any way that I can get a transcript of this clip? It’s difficult for me to watch the videos you make because I’m hearing-impaired.

    I’m actually kind of surprised that USA Today hasn’t gotten closed captioning on their video clips. I know the FCC has mandated that, but I’m sure there’s fine print somewhere that exempts lots of people and/or news organizations (such as overseas news, etc).

    Thanks! – Nikki

  • I don’t have the transcripts for these videos, but I’ll make sure that the new videos we shoot next month have some kind of captioning.

  • Nikki

    Thanks Chris!! That’s great news. Hate missing your column when you’ve got it on video.

  • y_p_w

    My biggie is the minibar. I just wished it were locked down. I have cable ties and I’m thinking of bringing them on the next family trip to keep the door from being opened. My kid kept on going for the candy. I relented by buying 3 Kit Kat bars at a store for considerably less than one identical one in the room.

  • BMG4ME

    For me it’s all those taxes, which ought to be included in the room rate.

  • Carver Clark Farrow

    Why? Taxes aren’t included in most things you buy. Why single out hotel rooms?

  • Deepstardiver

    Sort of makes you wish for the airline “unbundling model” all al a carte.

  • BMG4ME

    I am not singling it out. This is a discussion about hotel rooms. And yes it’s wrong that taxes are not included in any prices. Only in America (and Canada).

  • Carver Clark Farrow

    Not that you’re singling anything out, but if we have a regime of taxes being excluded from prices, is there any reason for hotel rooms to be treated differently?

    Whether taxes should be included across the board is another discussion.

  • BMG4ME

    I thought I addressed that in the reply that you were responding to but maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Yes I dislike the fact that taxes are not included in any prices for anything (except gas and airfares) here in America. I suppose that unless you grow up in a country where every price you see is what you pay (as I did) you get used to it, however after 20 years of living here, loving it here and getting used to everything else different, it still irks me when I go to pay for my $10 purchase which costs closer to $11!