Skybus Airlines

By | May 31st, 2007

Note: Skybus has ceased operations.
4324 E. Fifth Ave.
Columbus, OH 43219

(614) 246-8800

Note: Skybus doesn’t operate a call center and only accepts customer queries by e-mail.


Skybus is too new to have a reputation, but the early signs are not promising. It won’t allow customers to contact it by phone. It also has “rules” about flying, such as “Hungry? Thirsty? Bring cash,” and “Don’t be late. We won’t wait,” that seem indifferent at best and at worst, customer-hostile. Hopefully it’s all just rhetoric and Skybus will turn out to be the next Southwest. Then you won’t need the contact information in this file. But you never know …

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

Customer service resources

Contract of carriage
Email form

Primary e-mail

Primary contact

Floyd Nickerson
Vice president, people
(614) 246-8800

Executives (*)

Kenneth Gile
President and chief operating officer
(614) 246-8800

Bill Diffenderffer
Chief executive officer
(614) 947-3103

This information has been collected from publicly-available resources and is believed to be accurate at the time of the last update. If any of this information is inaccurate, please e-mail me.

* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.