Should US Airways be allowed to merge with American?

Halfway there! / Photo by Christopher Elliott

We’re halfway through our cross-country trip, which accounts for the lateness of my newsletter.

I have mergers on my mind today. But before I get into this week’s can’t-miss content, a quick question: Have you ever run up a big roaming bill on your cell phone while traveling overseas? Tell me your horror story, please. I’m working on an article.

I had a great time in Monterey, Calif., speaking to my friends at the western conference of the Vacation Rental Managers Association this week. We’re making our way back east now after having racked up more than 4,000 miles on our Honda Accord. Here’s a little slideshow from our first leg, to Rockport, Tex.

A big shout-out to our underwriters at Squaremouth today. If you need travel insurance, be sure to check Squaremouth — you’ll be glad you did!

Please check out my Mint story on the anatomy of a scam today. It may prevent you from getting scammed!

You can’t miss my National Geographic Traveler column on pet peeves. If you travel with cats, dogs or kids, this one’s just for you.

I have way too much on my blog this week to link to all of it. A few highlights: Sound off on the likely merger between US Airways and American. Tell me if car rental insurance is a scam. And two words: Spirit Air. That’s just the half of it.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Christopher Elliott

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