Plane etiquette 101

By | April 29th, 2013


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Have airlines crossed the line?
Last week, United Airlines and US Airways raised their change fee from $150 to $200. Some air travelers feel they crossed a line. But now the ball’s in our court. What, if anything, can passengers do when air carriers take it too far with their fees? Does taking your business elsewhere do any good? Should the government step in? Please send me a note. As always, don’t forget to included your full name, city and daytime occupation. Your response could be used in my story.

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Plane Etiquette 101
Flying can feel like torture. The bone-dry cabin air is recycled. Spaces are ridiculously cramped. Passengers don’t always have ready access to food, water, and restrooms. It’s a fight waiting to happen—and happen it does. Read more in my National Geographic Traveler column.

Finding the best possible flight experience
If you fly, chances are you have a story to tell about an uncomfortable airline seat. Vicki Morwitz does. Hers involves a long-haul plane trip, a minuscule economy-class enclosure and a circuitous routing that deposited her at her destination feeling exhausted and irritated. Details are in this week’s Washington Post column.

5 Signs You’re a Smart Customer
How can you tell the difference between a smart consumer and a sucker? Salespeople spend a career studying their customers, trying to understand who makes an easy mark. Read the rest in my weekly column.

Is Your Son a Terrorist?
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. You arrive at the airport to fly home from your family vacation, and something goes wrong — terribly wrong — at the TSA screening area. It happened to Susan Bruce recently when she flew from Phoenix to Dallas with her husband, teenage son and daughter. Find out more in my Huffington Post column.