Is it the journey? Or is it the destination?

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Burning question. Is it the journey — or the destination? Today I’m bringing back one of my favorite newsletter features, the “burning” question. In this issue, I want to know why you travel. Is it being there, or getting there, that draws you to the experience? Email me your answer, please.

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About that adventure … I don’t want to keep you in suspense. Here’s our first-person account of taking an extended road trip in a fuel-sipping diesel from Hertz. Also, we reveal what’s in the snack bag in the back of the car (see if you can guess what we eat!). Plus, see our video and write-up of Holiday Inn Resort number two in Daytona Beach, Fla.

On Elliott. Can your power company turn your electricity off, even if you’ve paid all of your bills? Yes, it can. How do I know? Because it happened to me last week. Here’s a remarkable story of an airline denying a passenger boarding ’till she paid up. I have a dreadful but true story of a dead customer who kept getting bills from his wireless provider. Plus: Should BoltBus refund this customer?

Elsewhere online. Check out my feature that tells you how to make sure your cell phone data stays private. On Frommers, I have a few thoughts on exchange rate rip-offs and how to avoid them this summer. Over on the Washington Post, my Sunday travel section column asks the question: Are cruise lines dumping their sick passengers? And on the Huffington Post, I wonder what the TSA’s problem is with disabled passengers.

I always like to end on a positive note. Have a great week, everyone.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Hello,
    According to me,it is journary and you can try it.

  • orsay

    On the destination, journey question..

    It all depends! IF you are having a great time on the journey that’s great but if you AREN’T- then the destination is more important. You can’t wait to get there.

    Also, it depends on who you are traveling with and what kind of vacation it is.. My answer for one trip may be totally different than another.

  • bodega3

    Also, is it a vacation or a trip?